Christmas Cookies!

The title of this recipe is “The Best Cut-Out Sugar Cookies”.  I haven’t made a ton of these before but I did make them a few times when the kids were younger and I have to say I agree that this is definitely the best tasting cut-out cookie I’ve ever made or eaten!  They have lemon extract and lemon zest in them and it really evens out the sugary icing.  They have a great buttery, lemony flavor and they cut out clean and don’t spread much while they cook.  I think the trick may be to pick 3 or 4 different shapes and icing/sprinkle colors to help save time.  The first night I made the small batch recipe and used 7 or 8 different cookie cutters only to realize it would take forever to make all the colors I needed to decorate the different shapes.  They were disappearing as fast as I could get them iced and by the end of the night I only had a handful of cookies left.  The second night I made the huge batch and only used a few cutters with 3 different icing colors and had much better results, not to mention tons of cookies.  Win!

You can find the recipe here: